Machinig & Fabrication

Our Machine shop is equipped to handle individual work pieces weighing up to 30 tons. the shop is geared to undertake complex machining for equipments such as turbines for hydropower stations, Penstock Valves,  Drive shafts, sugar Mills roller shells, & other similar components. Our machining works include:

  • Machining of Gears
  • Machining of Worm Wheels
  • Machining of Mill Rollers Shafts & Shells for Sugar Industry
  • Machining of Turbine Rotor Shaft Journals for Power Industry
  • Finish Machining for Castings

…and any other type of Machining Work

Our Fabrication shop has capacity to Fabricate individual work pieces weighing up to 60 metric tones. We have fabricated in our shop fired, unfired & cryogenic Pressure Vessels, Process & unit operation equipments for Petroleum & Power generation industry, such as boilers, heat exchangers, economizers, Process Vessels, and Plant & equipment for sugar, cement and Mineral ore Processing industries.

Some of the fabrications works we have done include:

  • Fuel Storage tanks
  • LP Gas Tanks
  • Cement Silos
  • Tea factory withering areas
  • Trailers
  • Structural steel for Process plants, Roofs, Staircases for High Rise Buildings, Bridges, Dams Gates etc